Projects for the Law Firm of Higbee & Associates

Graphic Design, Typography
These images represent a few of the projects I completed during my internship at the Law Firm of Higbee & Associates. In addition to these I also completed various smaller projects such as business cards, posters and other marketing materials.
Above image is a T-Shirt design created for the Consumer Advocacy division. 50+ shirts were printed with this design for the company.
As it says, the above image was for a collegiate essay contest. This project had a final print run of 1000 and was sent to numerous colleges around the country.
This last image was for handing out at various community events to advertise the Immigration department. Not shown here is the reverse side which was translated into spanish and printed on the back. This piece had a print run of around 250.

Other Projects

"Jane" Logo, Menu and Package Design
"8 Rights of Parent Leadership" Book Cover
Santa Barbra City College Silent Auction Poster
VR Factory - 2D/3D UI
Super Toy Box Brochure
Hiking Magazine
Copyright Division Office Art
"Alas, Babylon" Book Cover
Self teaching through tutorials
Class Poster
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